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What is passivation for Li-SoCL 2 battery?

What is passivation for Li-SoCL 2 battery? How to avoid the problem caused by passivation?
> Passivation is a chemical term and it refers to phenomena that a kind of chemical film appears on the surface of the metal and prevents the further corrupt from happening on the surface of the metal. In lithium thionyl chloride battery, thionyl chloride is liquid. Metal lithium gets in touch with thionyl chloride completely and will slowly rust just like iron. The production of this rust is lithium chloride. The lithium chloride produced on the surface of the metal lithium in thionyl chloride is very compact and prevents the reaction of lithium and thionyl chloride. This phenomenon is passivation. The passivation of lithium thionyl chloride battery happens as soon as the battery is produced, but this reaction is not fast in speed. Just like all the chemical reaction, the speed of passivation is related to the temperature. The higher the temperature is, the faster the speed is. The longer the time is, the more serious the passivation is. Please contact EWT Battery Company at: for advice about how to avoid the problem caused by passivation.
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